Barolo Risotto with Radicchio and Fontina

It was only fitting that I made Barolo Risotto with Radicchio and Fontina this week. First off, the color is perfect for an upcoming romantic Valentine’s Day dinner, and secondly, there is wine involved. Every since I passed the AIS Italian sommelier exam last week, I have been finding every excuse I can to open a bottle of wine :: vino and analyze the liquid inside. Studying is absolutely important, but to really get to know wine, a lot of field work is required. Poor me. :-)

Barolo-Risotto-with-Radicchio-FontinaAlthough any good red wine can be used for this recipe, I’ve selected Barolo as my wine of choice. Why? For starters, what they taught us during the wine and food pairing part of the sommelier course, is that a recipe made with wine should ideally be paired with READ MORE