Strive-For-Balance-Each-DayFinding daily balance is something that I struggle with and am constantly trying to improve upon.  On a great day, I eat healthy meals, exercise, drink plenty of water, finish all of my work tasks, read something enjoyable, read something educational, do something creative, connect with friends and family, do something kind for someone else and cuddle up next to Mr. Italicano. On these days, life is good and the day is full. I feel great both mentally and physically, and I spend time with the people I love.

On a bad day, I do only one or none of these things. Not necessarily because I don’t want to, but, because I don’t think I have enough time to. I find excuses why I don’t have time to exercise. I dedicate every second to work and ignore the people around me. (Poor, Mr. Italicano.) Or, I don’t fuel my body with the right sources of energy. On these days I feel drained, grumpy, and unmotivated. Go figure.

I know that in order to achieve this goal of striving for balance each day I need to simply be mindful of my actions. I need to remind myself what makes me feel good and combat that inner urge that relentlessly wants to make excuses. How about you? Do you struggle with finding daily balance, as well? Or, what are your secrets you use to achieve equilibrium throughout your day?

With love,


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